Keep your Alpine products in a cool dry place, and limit their exposure to heat and light. We recommend storing your products in the childproof tube you received in the box. This allows for maximum protection of the cartridge and pen.

From time to time, cartridges can develop clogs or have connection issues with the battery. Gently unscrew your cartridge from the battery and twist it back on until you feel a slight resistance. Be careful, as over-tightening can damage the coil and battery itself.

To prevent clogging we recommend short and light draws of 2-3 seconds. Chain-smoking can overheat the internal element and cause the oil to oversaturate. Do not allow your cartridge to overheat and let it cool down between uses.

Due to California regulations we are only able to transact with licensed California dispensaries. Please contact us at support@alpinevapor.com for further assistance.

Our premium oils use CCELL M6T cartridges. They are crafted from medical-grade thermoplastic and feature a ceramic core which allows for quick-heating premium experience.


No, Alpine does not dilute our premium cannabis oils with any artificial additives. We use all natural, food-grade terpenes, which are sourced from Sigma Aldrich. Each batch passes rigorous testing for presence of bacteria, fungal toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides by licensed, independent laboratories.

Our premium oils are made from whole plant extracts utilizing ethanol for a clean and consistent product.

Our premium cannabis oil products are still the same high quality, high potency oil you have come to expect from Alpine. We changed the name to prevent confusion with our forthcoming line of high terpene live resin cartridges.

You can find individual test results for all our products in their detail pages on this site.Our test results are also posted on our Instagram stories at @alpine_official.

Try turning down the battery if you find your cart to be too harsh. For the best flavor, set the battery below 4.0v. We recommend 3.2 - 3.7v for the best flavor.


Due to California regulations, we are only able to transact with licensed California dispensaries. If you are interested in purchasing Alpine Vapor products for your licensed dispensary or delivery service, please contact us at sales@alpinevapor.com or CLICK HERE to start the onboarding process.

Yes! You can check out our Alpine Days, weekly events are dispensaries where you can meet our Brand Ambassadors to learn more about our products and get specials. Head to our events page to check out the next Alpine event happening near you!

Click HERE to find your closest licensed retailer. To check if your favorite dispensary is licensed, visit www.CApotcheck.com.

And if you want to see Alpine products at a licensed California dispensary near you, let us know about it by email teamalpine@alpinevapor.com

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