Our Story

December 7

A legacy of quality

As one of the first - and oldest - brands on the market, Alpine Vapor has a legacy of clean, potent cannabis oils. We set out to raise the bar on what it means to be a premium cannabis brand. Our attention to detail applies to all aspects of our process. Pairing cutting-edge technology with the highest quality cannabis oils, Alpine products are designed with the user as the focus. From discerning connoisseurs to first-time users curious to expand their perspectives, Alpine has a product to meet all your needs. Unlike other brands, we never use unnecessary fillers or harmful additives in the formulation of Alpine products. We work with accredited testing labs to guarantee purity and potency every time. Discover Alpine for yourself and see what an Elevated Experience™ can do for you.

Introducing Alpine Flower

December 7

In partnership with growers from reputable cultivation sites in California, we bring you a new line of premium flower. Curated and selected from an extensive list by our in house expert, Alpine Flower offers a broad spectrum to suit different tastes while staying true to the Alpine Elevated Experience™. Clean burning, distinct flavor profiles, and high potency.

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